This page is a list of current (as well as a few inactive) local staff members on the Medieval Wiki. If you are interested in acquiring rights, please talk to an admin (listed below).

Global name Local name Abilities
Chat moderator Chat Guard
  • Kicking and banning users for misbehaving in chat.
Moderator Forum Guard
  • Removing or editing offensive or inappropriate forum posts.
  • Changing board titles and descriptions, as well as addng or removing boards
Rollback Baron
  • Use of the "rollback" button, which instantly and easily reverts edits by vandals/spammers.
Administrator Duke
  • All of the above rights
  • Blocking users for spam/vandalism.
  • Editing of restricted pages, such as:

    • MediaWiki pages (such as chat messages or the nav bar)
    • Code pages (Wikia.css, Wikia.js, Ckat.css, etc.)
    • Other articles that have been restricted for admin editing only
  • Promoting users to chat moderator or moderator
Bureaucrat Archduke
  • All of the above rights
  • Promoting users to all other rights groups

(A complete and up-to-date list can be found here. If you have any of these rights, feel free to add to or edit your profile below.)


LordWeirdo is Medieval Wiki's newest admin and bureaucrat, promoted by Wikia Staff on November 4th, 2015. He is the only currently active admin (who are we kidding, he's the only active user). As he checks in every day, one might think he's devoted, but he's really just bored.

Inactive admins

Grovyle4life (bureaucrat) | Hamzer213 (founder)


Inactive Rollbacks

Afro Thunder


Akamichi is the operator of the History Wiki, and is their representative here.

Inactive Moderators

Afro Thunder

Forum Moderators

No users in this category.